Outside And Beyond

It’s great to have a view of a perfectly manicured lawn through chic French windows but then there is a certain unmatchable pleasure in the crude magnificence of nature which, I’m sure, no amount of perfection can beat. I’ve finally figured raw is far better than precariously tweaked – sometimes it’s good to let things be, let them breathe.

Β I’ve also realized that it’s a privilege to have an easy access to nature’s wonderful delights. So many of us have to live a life in and around concrete out of compulsion, I’m thankful everyday for my green little haven and heaven, Simla.

So I thought I’d share some pictures — raw, unedited and wildly green — to give you a peak into what I have outside and beyond my doorstep.

Newly planted apple trees at our place and a serious case of wild white buds.


This one’s from a heritage hotel right across. It’s the best place to get a cup of coffee and read.
Rhododendrons – We make squash out of these. Sadly they don’t grow as much as they used to.
And someone’s left a vintage cadillac to rot in our parking, I don’t know why. Things that can happen only in India.
Just some trees and a winding path.
An old one – That’s our caretaker workin it in the snow. Also, don’t miss the mountains behind.
Window view
And that’s wildly amused me.

(Some pictures by me and some by my brother, thank you Mister for letting me use them without your permission. :D)


38 thoughts on “Outside And Beyond

    1. Hey thanks B. I can’t wait for them to take over the whole place. And you have to come, it’s long due. It’s all my fault actually, we had a plan but I went missing this winter. We’re going to plan something again and get you here soon. Going to send you that email I keep talking about in a day or two. Love.

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    1. Thank you, Debbie. I really do feel blessed, everyday. Since I’ve had my fair share of city life, I know now the value of having something so exquisite at my disposal. You know India has some beautiful places, you’d be surprised. I’ve always wondered why all the movies and documentaries never get past the poor and the underprivileged. But I guess that’s where Indian culture exists in its most real and saturated form. You must come sometime, you’ll hate it or you’ll love it. And I have a feeling you’ll really love it. Have a great day!

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  1. How do you make squash from Rhododendrons? Speaking of squash, years ago, when in-laws were still in the Bronx, their backyard city gardens would yield so many green squash they didn’t know what to do with them. I can still remember asking my niece what they had for dinner, “Mommy cook quash!”

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    1. I didn’t mean the vegetable squash. Squash as in the liquid concentrate you get by crushing this. You can then preserve the extract and dilute it with water to make a drink. It’s very refreshing, I wish I could make you try. I personally hate all kinds of squashes (the vegetable). My mother to disguise them before putting them on the plate. But I once had a squash, carrot ricotta ravioli and I loved it! I’ve always wanted a vegetable garden but we are all too lazy.

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  2. No!!!!! Surely you’re kidding? No one has a front/backyard like that, it’s bloody unfair! And downright rude to share such pics with a Bombayite! You’re one hell of a lucky woman, count your blessings, T!

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  3. I just noticed the swing. Maybe you can install a tall swing, right at the mountain’s edge. Then, when you swing you get a view over the ledge. Of course I would be too much of a chicken to try it. LOL

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    1. Oooo. Don’t plant things in my head. Now I’ll make sure we get this done. We deserve some thrill in life. I’m going on a swing survey this very minute – can’t trust the swing in the picture, it is so shady, the minute you get a little comfortable, it topples. Of course you’ve got to try something like this, I’m guessing a few of those vodka drinks will help… Liquid courage. 😁

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