Marigolds In May

I remember you being plopped in the garden
Surrounded by a rainbow of pots
Your feet fixed firmly in the growing grass
Hands dancing in a mix of soil and dung
Each time I’d cringe you’d laugh your big-toothed laugh
A sight as rare as marigolds in May
I watched the troubles of life trickle down your face
In beads of sweat there was easy abandon
A calmness I now struggle to find
I wish I could pour me in things that way
The pureness of those hours, the lightness of air
Is still fresh in memory
That morning spent in sod and mud
Is where I want to exist.

~Tanya S.~
Image Courtesy: Pinterest


22 thoughts on “Marigolds In May

    1. I love them too! They look like little balls of Sun the yellow ones. We use them for a lot of festivities here. They’re considered auspicious. πŸ™‚


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