Emerald Eyes


Β In doleful winds, I reminiscence
The chill that seeped and settled in
My flesh and limbs as trembling tips
Brushed against frozen skin.

My blood ran cold as shades of blue
Began to pace across your face
Their icy hues numbed my soul
That day when I held you at my nape.

I could feel the warmth escape as I embraced your tender hands
And kissed your head for one last time.

And I’m afraid I must admit, I’m left behind
In frozen bits, all to myself.

I must confess, there’s no redress
In Summer’s bliss
The zeal of Spring can never bring
Me warm respite.

And to this day the morose sight
Of emerald eyes sends a familiar chill
Down my thawing spine.
My Winter reignites as you resurface.

~ By Tanya~

(The picture is from I Origins – a movie for hearts struggling to find closure. )



31 thoughts on “Emerald Eyes

      1. I’ve loved it so far! It’s so hard trying to keep up with everyone and I’ve been slack with my reading lately! Sleep well and you will wake up to more notifications of likes and comments from me! 😊

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      2. Oh I can understand, I’m far too lazy to read. And these days, to write as well. This was such a wonderful morning surprise, you really did make my day! I will most certainly go through your feed come night. 😊

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