Someday you are going to meet someone who will permeate into your flesh and bones and fix the weary shards of your fragmented soul, filling every crack and crevice of your broken heart, making you whole again.


35 thoughts on “Invasion 

    1. Thank you. I was just trying to be a little less cynical about love. But im sure there is someone out there who makes life a whole lot easier for you if not all of the above 🙂


      1. The variance in my writings comes from the uncertainty of love. Love is beautiful yet it is flawed, it has ups and downs. This post was more about a soulmate, and I would like to believe that soulmates have to be ideal, perfect and utopian in every sense.


  1. nice thoughts but as far as my view is concern….i think Love is very very Stupid and very very stinking………….sorry for that…………

    and congrats you have found your utopian soulmate……..stay blessed….. 😛


    1. Oh I always wonder to myself – Am I simply wandering from one person to another, losing more of myself every time. But then the hopeless romantic in me surfaces, and I write posts like these. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. Keep believing!

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